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“The exhibition of the artist Rakip Shabani is very beautiful. The room dressed with his paintings looks much bigger, much happier and more beautiful. One takes joy with them even when they leave.

Ismail Kadare, Tirana, 19th of May.

“The artworks of Rakip Shabani contain mainly an impressionistic and expressionist spirit within realism. It fluctuates between formalism and distinctive deduction, and there are works of expressive expressionism. A cozy space without speculation, we saw in its speculative fluctuation, which means experience, chance. He uses no limitations in any of his works, whether simple or compositional. The author has his own cartoon, his own rule, his own discipline, his own symmetry, his own color. Often, he shifts the painting’s range to an emotional function. Each of his works is an elegant passion up to his most intimate physical details of nature and his transformations are in constant motion, colorful rhythm, linear rhythm, melody, a revolution of his life and passion. I repeat, it is the model of aesthetic discipline.”

Qiriako Ballabani, Honorary Chairman of the Association of Writers and Artists of AthensPublished in the “Elefterotipia” newspaper .Athens,  19th of June 1996.

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