Ened Kuka
Ened Kuka Albania: Born on 9 November 1991
'The world of colors has attracted me since I was little, this was a strong reason to start my artistic journey in 2006 at the "Jordan Misja" Artistic High School, where I graduated in graphics. I saw high school as a new opportunity for myself and started a new journey in the world of Set Design and Costume Design. I have the privilege of being part of the teaching staff as an assistant/lecturer for 6 years now. After finishing high school, I count many artistic projects as Set Designer and Costume Designer in Theater, Film, Commercials and Serials. But painting has been and remains my artistic pulse, that's why I'm showing my artworks.'
Acrylic and Ink on Canvas

Size: 70 H x 50 W
Acrylic and Ink on Canvas

Size: 80 H x 60 W