Erman Marko
Erman Marko Albania: Born on 13 June 1988
Erman Marko was born in the city of Vlora. The first steps of drawing initiated in primary school. Since he spent all his free time drawing, his parents thought that it was better that he continued his secondary schooling at the Artistic High School of Vlora, even though he wasn’t very convinced. He managed to win the competition and start school. After getting to know the paints, the smell of linseed oil, art, painters, techniques, the exhibitions that opened with our works, etc. he then realized that it was the right choice to continue the path towards art and to become a part of it. Then he studied at the Academy of Arts in Tirana. In November 2008, he moved to Tirana and started his studies. He completed three years of the Bachelor's degree in easel painting. ‘I stayed in Tirana, where I work, paint and currently live. I am a painter who loves nature, which occupies the largest place in my works. For me, painting is food for the soul, where the soul is always hungry.’
Oil on Canvas

Size: 65 H x 80 W
Oil on Canvas

Size: 70 H x 100 W
Oil on Canvas

Size: 60 H x 70 W
Oil on Canvas

Size: 80 H x 80 W
Oil on Canvas

Size: 50 H x 55 W