Lamberto Bimbli
Lamberto Bimbli Albania: Born on 14 June 1965
Lamberto is born and raised in the city of Korça. He completed his higher education as a History and Geography teacher and he worked as a teacher for quite a long time. Currently he spends his time painting in his studio. Painting has always been his passion since he was younger up until today. He has been a part of various exhibitions and has also exhibited his own in the city of Korça. He loves to paint portraits, landscapes, peaceful nature, compositions and graphics that you can find together with a large number of paintings in his personal studio.
Oil on Canvas

Size: 50 H x 60 W
Oil on Canvas

Size:65 H x 70 W
Oil on Canvas

Size: 50 H x 70 W
Oil on Canvas

Size: 65 H x 70 W