Oil on Canvas

Size: 80 H x 60 W
Ships in a tube


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About the Artwork
What is more beautiful than this artwork, is the story behind it. You can notice with the plain eye, an old man with mustache playing the lute, a little bird on the left side and two white figures standing next to him. The legend says that the man standing on the rock is called Gjon, and he played the lute so beautifully that the fairies beside him were mesmerized. In the Albanian folklore the fairies as breathtaking as they looked had the ability to turn whatever they touched into a rock. The story says they turned Gjon into a rock, so that he could play the lute forever. Gjon’s sister was so upset that she turned into the little bird and flies every night even nowadays searching for her brother, screaming his name.
The Artwork

Original Created: 2019
Materials: Oil / Canvas
Orientation : Vertical