Goricë, Berat

Oil on Canvas

Size: 50 H x 40 W
Ships in a tube


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Goricë, Berat
Goricë, Berat
Goricë, Berat
Goricë, Berat
Unique work
Work signed by the artist
Certificate of authenticity included
About the Artwork

An alley is presented in the museum neighbourhood of Gorica, Berat. The execution technique is plein air, where quick brushstrokes and accurate drawing of houses are to be noticed. We immediately feel the cold winter atmosphere emphasized by the two well-dressed figures walking on the cobblestones. The gray sky diminishes the light which illuminates so much that it highlights the different shades of white, the characteristic color of the houses of Berat. The artist first applies a color palette as a general base to the canvas using it as a complementary element in the final result – as it can be seen on the wall in the foreground on the right, it is modeled with a few touches leaving the base of the canvas.

The Artwork

Original Created: 2022
Materials: Oil / Canvas
Orientation : Vertical