Hilly Landscape

Oil on Canvas

Size: 50 H x 70 W
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Hilly Landscape
Hilly Landscape
Hilly Landscape
Hilly Landscape
Unique work
Work signed by the artist
Certificate of authenticity included
About the Artwork

In this work we can see a panorama on the outskirts of the city of Berat. The whole landscape is immersed in greenery and we can feel the air of the nature of the countryside. The artist plays with green gamuts, from stronger ones for the first planes to lighter ones for the second planes and beyond, to give the illusion of depth. Also, everyday moments are attached to nature, such as the exploration of the man in the foreground from the right of the canvas, and the smoke of a house appearing behind the trees at the foot of the hill.

Everything is presented very realistically, but without burdening it with details, maintaining spontaneity in brushwork and interpretation.

The Artwork

Original Created: 2022
Materials: Oil / Canvas
Orientation : Horizontal