Rozafa’s Fortress

Oil on Canvas

Size: 65 H x 55 W
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Rozafa's Fortress
Rozafa's Fortress
Rozafa's Fortress
Rozafa's Fortress
Unique work
Work signed by the artist
Certificate of authenticity included
About the Artwork
Another Albanian legend in a masterful artwork. The legend behind it is called Rozafa, just like the title of the painting. Three brothers used to build a wall. They built all day, but in the night the wall crumbled and the brother kept rebuliding it in the morning. One day an old man appeared in front of them and when they told the old man their problem, he advised them to mure one of their wives, whoever would bring lunch the other day. He also suggested to not tell any of their wives about his advice. Both of the older brothers told their wives so they would not come, but the youngest one, whose wive just had given birth, kept his promise. The next day when the time came to take lunch to the three brothers who were again building the wall, both of the older brothers’ wives made up excuses so they wouldn’t go, so it was the younger one that went. When the young brother saw his wife, he burst into tears and told her about the old man and his words. The sad woman accepted but said: When you mure me to the wall, leave out one of my hands, so I can caress my child, leave out one of my eyes, so I can see him grow and leave out one of my breasts, so i can feed my child to grow strong. That is exactly the meaning painted in this artwork.
The Artwork

Original Created: 2015
Materials: Oil / Canvas
Orientation : Vertical