Still Life in Pomegranates

Oil on Canvas

Size: 90 H x 120 W
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Still Life in Pomegranates
Still Life in Pomegranates
Still Life in Pomegranates
Still Life in Pomegranates
Unique work
Work signed by the artist
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About the Artwork

The pomegranate is named after the beautiful city in Andalusia, Granada, and while for thousands of years and still, it has been considered a symbol of fertility, abundance, goodness and longevity. In Greece, it is also a tradition to throw a pomegranate on the ground on wedding days or for the New Year. When someone buys a new house, it is a tradition for the person visiting to give a pomegranate seed as a gift as a symbol of prosperity, fertility and good luck for the new family.

According to Langley, the pomegranate represents life, regeneration and marriage in Greek mythology. In the Persian Wars, Herodotus mentions “golden pomegranates” adorning the spears of warriors in the Persian farang; in Judaism, pomegranate seeds are said to be one for each of the 613 commandments of the Bible; in Buddhism it is one of the blessed fruits and represents the essence of favorable influences; in China it is widely represented in ceramic art symbolizing fertility, abundance and a blessed future; in Christianity it is a symbol of resurrection and eternal life; and in Islam the heavenly paradise of the Qur’an describes four gardens of shade, fountains and fruits, including the pomegranate.
Pomegranate is also considered a symbol of resurrection and ardent human love, mainly in couples. Medieval painters often put a pomegranate in the hands of the child Jesus, alluding to the new life “given” by Christ, while its tree was used as a symbol of resurrection.

The Artwork

Original Created: 2017
Materials: Oil / Canvas
Orientation : Horizontal